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Advanced custom WordPress excerpt

Customizing WordPress excerpt is essential once content gets grow on a WordPress site. Unfortunately the usual inline HTML output echoed out straight from PHP makes maintaining such modules quiet cumbersome. Custom WordPress excerpt // Include this to your ‘function.php’ somehow. function excerpt_filter($excerpt) { return ‘Customized’.$excerpt; } add_filter(‘get_the_excerpt’, ‘excerpt_filter’); While creating a custom WordPress excerpt is […]


I’d like to write this kind of JavaScript code: // Display a game selector UX then return with the selected item. EPPZSelector.gameSelectorToSelectGameInView ( this.savedGames, this, function(selectedSavedGame) { this.loadGame(selectedSavedGame); } ); The logic just flows, the controller code reads like a fairy tale. No underscores, no DOM selection, no any annoying punctation but actual human readable […]

Canvas layer experiment with sensor filtering methods

This is actually a HTML5 rework of a former flash prototype for inspecting signal filtering methods. The original Flash implementation is at ©ompass360° (augmented reality) 0.9.3 – filtering methods article. Later on it turned out that this is more of a HTML5 Canvas layer managing experiment. Just hit the expand button below. This comes handy […]

Understanding MVC intentions

Today I realized that it is far easier to understand the intention behind MVC just by looking to a web product. Sites are usually made of a Database for Model, a Frontend for View, and a Backend for Controller. While implementing a site (you can think of a simple triumph), you’ll never put any code […]